• Bosnia and Herzegovina - Study of Energy Sector Development in Bosnia and Herzegovina; Strategy of Energy Development in the Republic of Srpska until 2030; Studies for the Power Utility HZHB d.d. Mostar – Studies of short-term and long-term development of the distribution network and plants from 2006 until 2010 with projections until 2020 for the municipalities Široki Brijeg, Čitluk and Tomislavgrad; Pre-investment Studies of Gas Distribution System Development in the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton, West Herzegovina Canton and Livno Canton

  • Macedonia - Feasibility study for a gas pipeline system in the Republic of Macedonia; Consultancy services for elaboration of the reliability study of the Macedonian electric power system; Market study for Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia&Herzegovina and Albania

  • Montenegro - Study of Energy Sector Development in Montenegro (in cooperation with the IREET Institute); Consultancy services regarding the recapitalization of the Power Utility of Montenegro AD Nikšić; Participation in the international consortium (COWI) on the project: Energy Development Strategy of Montenegro until 2030

  • Kosovo -Energy Sector Technical Assistance Project (ESTAP) Kosovo; Advisory Services to Assist Kosovo in Privatization of the Electricity Distribution Company in Kosovo - Cost of Service Study; Kosovo Wind Integration Study

Energy Community

  • Study on the implementation of the new regulation (EU) 994/2010 concerning measures to safegear security of gas supply in the Energy Community;
  • Implementation of the energy statistics acquis;
  • Assistance to Energy Strategy Task Force to Identify priorities for future development of the electricity, gas and oil infrastructure in the Energy Community;
  • Assistance to the Energy Strategy Task Force to identify priorities for future development of electricity, gas and oil infrastructure;
  • European Commission - Consultancy Agreement with the European Commission to provide consultancy services in connection with the project “INOGATE”
  • MOBINCITY - Smart mobility in smart city

Department for renewable energy sources and energy efficiency

  • REPUBLIC MED - Retrofitting PUBLic spaces in Intelligent Mediterranean Cities (REPUBLIC-MED) project No. 1C-MED12-73;
  • Manuals and guidebooks for energy efficient construction and use of renewable energy sources in the Republic of Croatia;
  • Estimate of the Potential of RES and EE in the County of Sisak-Moslavina, County of Zadar, County of Međimurje and County of Primorje-Gorski Kotar;
  • Technical support, consultancy services, projects and programmes for the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund, Ministries, Energy agencies and alike;
  • Preliminary Analysis of Justifiability of the Construction and Connection of RES to the Power Supply Network with Technical and Economic Data and Physical Planning Data;
  • Measurement programmes and data for RES utilization with energy and economic evaluation;
  • Energy and investment studies, energy reviews, feasibility studies and consultancy services for the purpose of increasing EE and RES utilization in the private and public sectors;
  • Methodology of conducting an energy review and professional training for the purpose of energy certification of buildings;
  • UNECE – financing the energy efficiency projects with the aim of climate change mitigation;
  • International projects: WB, FAO, UNIDO, IEA BIOENERGY Task 29, EBRD, GGF, KfW, UNDP
  • European Commission projects: CARDS 2003 (AWSERCRO and REVETIS); FP6 (ACCENT, RECOVER, PRO-BIOBALKAN); FP7 (CLUSTHERM);
  • TRANS SOLAR, MODEL, PVTRIN, BiogasIN, UrbanBiogas, Bio-methane Regions, YAECI, NEZEH, Biomass Policies)

Environmental network


Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar (EIHP)

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